Distance Learning

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Important Dates

March 23: First day of K-8 distance learning
April 9-13: Easter Break – No distance learning
May 15: Last day of distance-learning schedule
May 18-22: End of year activities


St. Michael’s distance-learning approach is not designed or intended to replicate the school classroom and campus environment. The overarching goal of our distance learning plan is to provide for students, under any and all extraordinary circumstances that significantly limit or exclude access to campus (e.g., pandemic, power outages, flood, or other emergencies), seamless continuity of academic engagement and learning.

The plans created by our faculty demonstrate sensitivity to the current cause for an interim disruption to normal campus activities and the subsequent need to be at home. Given the complexities of coordinating our work online, in partnership with our students and families at home, we intend to provide a balanced, flexible, and engaging program to allow students every opportunity to work independently and collaboratively with their peers and with their teachers in real time and on their own time.

As noted, some of the content we present online will be asynchronous (i.e., not in real time) to allow for this flexibility. As much as possible, this mode of learning will be hands-on, project-based, and student-paced; other learning components are oriented to online student-to-student collaboration. Roles for parents or guardians or caregivers will be developmentally appropriate, allowing for a plausible level of autonomy. We will try to include opportunities to link art, music, and physical education and wellness to core subject learning.