Beyond Academics

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Learning takes many forms and occurs in many places. St. Michael’s students participate in a variety of experiences aimed at promoting personal growth and appreciation of cultural diversity. Incorporated into the broader curriculum are community service projects, field trips, sporting events, poetry recitations, concerts, and an annual art show.

  • Our high-caliber visual and performing arts programs combine classroom study with numerous opportunities for personal expression and performance.
  • Our annual Spelling and Geography Bees spotlight students gifted in these areas of study and allow winning contestants to qualify for state and national competitions.
  • Our robust athletics program allows participation in a variety of team sports and has produced a host of championship-winning squads.
  • Religious study and worship form an essential core of our school mission. Chapel services, a weekly mass, special holiday celebrations, and community service opportunities convey lessons and morals for life.
  • Our highly popular middle school class trips in the spring send students to locations from coast to coast to explore archaeology, marine biology, and American history first-hand.
  • Field trips to museums, galleries, concerts, ballets, and operas further students’ appreciation of the fine arts and provide memorable experiences many children might not otherwise enjoy.
  • After-school activities, from karate to keyboarding, offer enriching opportunities and instruction for students of all ages.