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The link between healthy minds and healthy bodies is undisputed. St. Michael’s provides a wide variety of opportunities for exercise, competition, and skills development as part of our athletic program.

  • Sports and exercise are integral parts of each student’s day, with P.E. classes twice a week and outdoor recess in beautiful Harold Bell Wright Park every morning and afternoon.
  • The school’s environmentally friendly gymnasium hosts a wide range of sports and special events.
  • The physical education curriculum, both for the elementary and middle school grades, promotes individual growth, cooperation, and sportsmanship so that students develop a lifetime commitment to health and fitness.
  • Students in grades 6-8 can join St. Michael’s teams to compete in a variety of team sports against other private schools. An intramural program is offered in grades 3-5.

Middle School Team Sports

St. Michael’s has achieved great success on the court and on the field. Most recently, the St. Michael’s Volleyball and Girls’ Basketball teams won the TIAL Conference Championships. Practices are scheduled after school, Monday through Friday.

No player who comes out for a team will be cut at St. Michael’s. We welcome all levels of experience and skill to participate. The philosophy of the program is to allow all participants the opportunity to grow as athletes and individuals. There is a strong emphasis on team unity and sportsmanship; we believe these are the backbones of any successful program.

St. Michael’s fields middle school teams for each of the sports listed below:

  • Fall season: Flag football (co-ed), Volleyball (girls)
  • Winter season: Soccer (co-ed), Softball (girls)
  • Spring season: Basketball (boys), Basketball (girls), Track and Field (co-ed)

Intramural Program

An intramural program has been recently established to accommodate fourth and fifth graders’ enthusiasm for after-school athletics. These teams, which usually meet three days per week, focus on instruction rather than competition.

Intramural Seasons

  • Fall: Coed Soccer and Coed Flag Football (3 weeks of each)
  • Winter: Coed basketball and Coed Volleyball (3 weeks of each)
  • Spring: Track and Field with the Middle School.