About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate students in mind, body, and spirit to prepare them for lives of meaning and purpose.

Statement of Core Values

Balance in Mind, Body and Spirit
Balance is essential to the healthy growth and development of the whole child. Through a careful blending of academics, wellness, and spirituality and the fostering of resilience and joy in student life and learning, we nurture students’ understanding of the important role each plays in leading well-balanced and fulfilling lives.

Relationships begin with empathy for one another and expand to ever-widening circles that positively impact the world around us. As a faith-based community of love and kindness, we welcome all and work together for the betterment of
society through acts of friendship, service, and compassion.

Diversity and Inclusion
Our Episcopal identity calls us to respect the dignity of every human being and to strive for peace and justice for all people. In this spirit, we prioritize the value that diversity adds to our world by demonstrating authentic inclusion and ensuring every person’s inherent right to belong as a child of a loving God.

We pursue excellence to achieve potential, not perfection. We nurture the discovery and growth of each person’s unique abilities and interests for the enrichment of our community and beyond. We embrace innovation, creativity, and critical thinking as pathways to excellence in teaching, learning, and leadership.

Integrity is the cornerstone upon which all our values rest. We create a culture of trust that is safe, honest, and ethical by holding each other accountable to living the values that define us.