Enrichment Classes

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One of the most important and exciting differences between St. Michael’s and most other schools is our embrace of fine arts, athletics, and religious study alongside our tremendous core curriculum. We seek to nurture well-rounded, imaginative, kindhearted children. Our enrichment programs include:

Art and Music

Our art curriculum aims to expose young students to a variety of media and artists and to help them interpret what their art means to themselves and to others. Similarly, the music program at St. Michael’s combines basic theory with personal expression and creativity. Students leap at the chance to practice an assortment of wind, rhythm, and string instruments. Learn more about our fine arts and performing arts programs.

Physical Education

Our physical education program fosters children’s physical, social, and emotional growth while modeling sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play. Beginning in Kindergarten, students attend P.E. classes twice a week. Students in fourth and fifth grade can participate in after-school intramural sports.


Students in Kindergarten become familiar with Spanish sounds, particularly through song, and learn basic conversational vocabulary. In later grades, more advanced vocabulary and phrases are introduced, and children gain an appreciation of Hispanic culture.


Beginning in kindergarten grade children receive weekly instruction in computer technology. Students are introduced to the components of a computer workstation, proper care of hardware, keyboarding skills, basic coding, and the use of Microsoft-based PCs for graphics and word processing to complete assignments.


Children begin weekly religion instruction in fourth grade. Students examine Bible passages and explore how scriptural passages may apply to their own lives. Read more about spiritual life at St Michael’s.