Endowment Giving

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For nearly 65 years, St. Michael’s School has fostered the intellectual, physical, artistic, ethical, and spiritual development of our students, creating scholars and leaders for the 21st century. St. Michael’s families and friends can help further this important work we do through thoughtful gift planning to our endowment.

Donors can enjoy enhanced tax and financial benefits by endowment gift planning that help future St Michael students realize their educational dreams. While some gifts can be quite significant, it is not the amount of the gift that counts. It is the desire to make a difference and to make an impact through strategic gift planning and to leave a lasting legacy.

  • Scholarship: Income is used to supplement both parent’s payments and other sources of Scholarship money to provide qualified St. Michael’s students with the benefits of a traditional Episcopalian education who otherwise would be unable to pay the entire tuition costs.
  • Teacher Enhancement: Each year St. Michael’s strives to provide its teaching staff with salaries and benefits that are competitive with other teaching positions in the Tucson region. Income from this portion of the Endowment supplements receipts from tuition and scholarships to fund teacher compensation.
  • Learning Environment: As a fifty-year old building, it is necessary to continually provide maintenance and upgrades to our classroom and auxiliary buildings. This income helps ensure that St. Michael’s facilities will continue to be functional for many years into the future.
  • Greatest Need: Many of our donors are supportive of St. Michael’s mission and desire to provide a stream of income to supplement other resources to fulfill each year’s greatest needs. Each year the Board of Trustees evaluates the various priorities presented to it and determines how these funds may be best applied.

We encourage potential donors to meet with accountants, attorneys or financial advisors before making these gifts. If you have questions, please contact Brendan J. Sullivan, Head of School at bsullivan@stmichael.net.