Foundations Courtyard Bricks

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Gift-a-Brick, Foundations Courtyard

As part of the celebration of St. Michael’s 50th anniversary in 2008, the Foundations Courtyard was created and continues to bloom and grow as does the dedication brick campaign. The Foundations Courtyard is a beautiful place to gather, as well as a place to commemorate loved ones, celebrate our history, and our success.

Families can purchase engraved bricks and pavers to place in the restored courtyard, where they will support student steps, big and small, for generations to come. A family member’s milestone, memory, or celebrate a heartfelt spirit.

By purchasing a brick, you are preserving your memory or celebration in the fabric of our rich St. Michael’s history.

Please contact Christine M. Longo, Interim Director of Philanthropy, at (520) 722-8478 ext 213 or for information on ordering your specially designed commemorative brick.

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