October 26

Last Friday, it was hard not to feel a deep sense of pride for St. Michael’s. As the Student Center filled with grandparents, we all were eager to show off our campus, share the number of activities that take place here, and spotlight our new facility improvements. The real focus, however, was on our students. They were front and center, as it should be. After all, our grandparents were on campus for one main reason…to see their grandchildren. From the start of the morning until the conclusion at mid-day, our students stole the show! They sang, they performed, they shared, and they displayed the many cool things that are happening at school. From our youngest primary students to our eighth grade “seniors,” we watched them tell about experiments, projects, and research conducted, as well as successes and failures that are all part of learning. Our students were engaged and excited to share what they were learning in their classrooms. They demonstrated how collaboration, creativity, communication, and creative thinking have engaged them in new ways.

There are times when our teachers are front and center in the classroom as they share new knowledge and direct the classes. More and more, however, students are working together on projects, problem-solving, and making presentations to classmates. This type of learning creates engagement in the classroom, making it meaningful to their lives. Their excitement becomes contagious, and they are thrilled to demonstrate what has transpired in the process. It was wonderful to see our students in the spotlight, taking ownership for what they are learning, while observing the proud faces of grandparents as they watched their shining stars. After all, on Grandparents’ Day, it’s all about the children and their growing confidence as 21st-Century learners and leaders.

Margaret Moore

Head of School