October 19

Admittedly, not too many years ago, I would sometimes watch and listen to my friends who were grandparents and shake my head a bit. They seemed to have become a bit over-the-top about their little darlings: sharing pictures, talking about the cutest little things their grandchildren did, and throwing any rational thought out the window when it came to birthday or Christmas shopping. Of course, I thought I would never be that person…until the day I became a grandparent. Now, I am one of those obsessive grandparents I formerly shook my head at. Yes, it’s what happens. When you meet that precious child of your own child, well, your heart takes over your head! And I’m enjoying every single moment of being a grandparent. Yes, I am often over-the-top.

On Friday, we will welcome our St. Michael’s grandparents for our annual Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day. It’s the time at St. Michael’s when we celebrate some very important people in the life of our students. The support that comes from our grandparents is often hard to measure. At the top of the list is the encouragement and affirmation for our students, which they thrive on. Grandparents see their grandchildren through a different lens. There is an acceptance and love for the children just exactly as they are, not for who they might become. In the eyes of children, grandparents are often seen as heroes. Grandparents, having survived raising children of their own, are free to be silly, to giggle, to play games, to take time out of a task-oriented day simply to sit and read books together or to slow down enough to notice the small, simple things of life. After all, as a wise person once said, “Grandparents are really just antique little boys and girls!” And oh what fun it is to have a second chance to enjoy such moments without a care in the world.

At St. Michael’s, our grandparents fill many roles as they support parents and students, whether it is in driving carpools, helping with homework, giving encouragement over the phone or through Facetime from another state, or volunteering on campus for special events. Grandparents are an essential piece of our school community, and we are grateful for the many ways they share time, talent, and treasures with us, especially by sharing their grandchildren. Yes, grandparents are special folks and make a difference in this world. Grandparents’ Day is one of our favorite days at St. Michael’s, when we can say, “Thank you for all you do, and for just being you.”

Margaret Moore

Head of School