May 26

And off we go…another school year behind us. The year has been swift and much has been accomplished. There have been victories and defeats. Steps forward and sometimes steps going back. There has been growth on many levels and achievement of goals set before us. The words “I can’t” have been replaced on many levels by “yes, I can!” I have seen many little blue engines trudge up the long hill with anxiety and doubts, only to see bright smiles on the downhill side as success is at hand. Tears have been replaced often with smiles and there have been an abundance of hugs all around.

Such is the life in our school. We open our doors in late summer to tentative faces with anticipation and high expectations. There is uncertainty and anxiety but also excitement and joy. We watch as they grow and accept responsibility, even in little baby steps, and see self confidence emerge on a higher level than before. We celebrate the accomplishments and give strong cheers of encouragement as they reach toward what may seem unachievable goals. And then we arrive at the end.

As I look at the young faces of our students at St. Michael’s, I know that we, the faculty and staff, are blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this chapter of each student’s life. We don’t always get it right. Some things we could always do over. But the chance that we are given to make a difference in a child’s life is not one to take for granted. As we send our young charges off for the summer, and parents take deep breaths and relax, may we all remember, parents and teachers, that we are the manifestation of God to them and we have done our work …for today. Thank you for letting us share in the journey. Happy Summer Trails!

Margaret Moore

Head of School