May 18

When I first arrived on the campus of St. Michael’s to meet the community, it was the day of our annual Art Expo. Of course, at the time, I had no idea what Art Expo was, but I knew that it was a culminating event in the school year, and the buzz on campus was one of anticipation and excitement. There were volunteers everywhere. Parents were working together hanging art, ferrying projects from art rooms to assigned locations around campus, and being available to help Mrs. Faltico and Ms. Monsma as needs arose. I could not get over the number of parents who were having a blast together in preparation for the evening ahead. It made me want to pitch in and be useful in some way, not simply to be busy, but to be a part of the camaraderie and fun. The commitment by so many parents to support the operation was one of the deciding factors in accepting the call to St. Michael’s.

As we approach the end of another successful school year, I look back, with deep gratitude, to the many special events that have taken place in our community, knowing that each met with success because of the support of our parents. Our SMA and Vaqueros leaders and all those who have chaired or worked on committees and special events made our work so much easier. Best friends are made and community is built through volunteerism. Classrooms run more smoothly and teachers’ work often is lighter with the assistance of parent-volunteers. Field trips happen because drivers step forward. The golf tournament is successful because our Vaqueros invite another friend to join in the planning and play because it helps the school. Our auction gala took many hours of time, but the committee had tons of fun planning and carrying out the event. Once again, on Friday, our campus will be filled with parent-volunteers who can give an hour or two, or more, to help set up, hang art, and decorate for the evening ahead. That assistance will carry into the evening as food and drink are served during the festive evening. Each hour that is given during the year by our parent-volunteers makes a difference to the school as a whole. It lightens the load, builds community, and makes each person feel a part of the success of the year.

For those who have shared their time, talent, and treasures this year, I am deeply grateful. You have made a difference. As we look to next year, please continue to give one hour, give two, or maybe you can “Give Me Five.” In the process, you too may have tons of fun and meet your new best friend. After all, at the end of the day, it’s really all about the kids.

Margaret Moore

Head of School