August 24

And we’re off! After months of preparation and an exciting summer of campus construction, we have begun our new school year with optimism and a growth mindset that will open the door to unlimited possibilities for the students, teachers, and staff. There is a freshness to our start and a team spirit that joins us together. Just in the nick of time, the renovations to the old Parish Hall resulted in a beautiful, spacious School Office and a new home for Admissions. Our teachers will have a new work center, and our much-anticipated Lower School Science and Language Room is just about ready to receive students in Kindergarten through fifth grades. In addition, we are moving full steam ahead with a greater integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math throughout the school.

As I welcomed our faculty back on campus, there was a renewed sense of purpose as we celebrated the gift we have in working with the students and families of St. Michael’s. The privilege we have to open the minds and hearts of children to a new knowledge of, and appreciation for, the gifts that are uniquely theirs, affirms our call to the vocation of teaching and the mission of our school. As we launch this new school year, I am grateful for the support and contributions of so many in our community who have made this fresh new start possible. We are charting our course for the future, and the future is now! Together we can make all things possible…for our kids…for our school. So, off we go!

Margaret Moore

Head of School