February 17

Two weeks ago, our capital campaign, Charting Our Course for the Future…A 21st Century Plan, was launched into our public phase. I hope that many have taken the opportunity to not only read the brochure but also view the video, which can be found on the St. Michael’s website. Large-scale drawings can be seen on display across from the Foundations Courtyard, and our students who have seen the plans are quite excited about the facility improvements that will take place. This plan also will include support for both our scholarship endowment and STEM Education program through an existing science endowment. With participation from our entire community, we will reach and perhaps exceed our goal.

So, can you help us move the needle forward by making a commitment to the campaign today? Both current and past parents have joined us, indicating their commitment to the success of our school today and into the future. Past parents give out of gratitude for what St. Michael’s meant to their child or children. Current families give because of the benefits it will bring to our students in preparing them for the future. Each of us has a story to tell about St. Michael’s and the way the school has touched lives. If you think about it, schools and education are transformative. It is where we are all molded and shaped by people and experiences. In schools, students discover themselves and grow to appreciate the knowledge that comes not only from teachers but from each other. I still give to my Episcopal high school, which in two short years reshaped me as a student and as an emerging young adult. I do the same for my college. Does my gift make a difference? Perhaps not always in size, but I believe it does express my ongoing support and belief in the mission of the school and the ongoing success in educating young women. The same is true, I believe, for St. Michael’s. I invite you to make your donation or pledge today in support of our capital campaign. It’s a commitment not only to the campaign itself, but to the future of our school and the students we serve. Because, as we say, at the end of the day it’s all about the children.

Margaret Moore

Head of School