February 11

We’re wearing our hearts on our sleeves these days…and on the posts…and on the doors…and finding them in our mail boxes here at St. Michael’s. Hearts are everywhere as our honoring of Valentine’s Day approaches. Perhaps this is just another Hallmark holiday, but I think that in the midst of winter days and chilly nights, there’s something refreshing and warm about spreading a little love around our world. Take for example the number of Valentine’s Day cards and hearts that have flowed into the office this week for our dear friend, Ken Cameron (K.C.). The students, faculty, staff, and parents have filled several boxes with love and well wishes that will not only brighten his Valentine’s Day but many days following their delivery. Such a small act of kindness will spread joy, love, and a sense of community to a person who has found family in this place. There are also the beautiful carnations that will be spread by our middle school students to their friends and teachers around campus as well as many special little Valentine’s that will be left on desks, mail boxes, or doors.

There is something special about spreading the love to those we care about, and it does bring joy to the giver and those that receive. When we glance at the news every day, don’t we long to see more good news, more examples of compassion, more stories of love that changed someone’s world? So maybe it is a good thing that we take time out of our busy calendars to send a Valentine, or give flowers, or share some delicious chocolates to say to another person, “You are special to me, and I care.” Perhaps in the midst of the winter months, when spring and summer seem far away, I think I’ll take a little more time this year to spread some love to not only my family members but someone else who just might need some extra joy in his or her life. Happy Valentine’s Day on Sunday to you and yours. May your hearts be overflowing, both literally and figuratively!

Margaret Moore

Head of School