March 2

With our return from Rodeo Break, we have begun three very busy months that will carry us through the third trimester and the end of the school year. It is always amazing to me that we reach this point so quickly. As we begin this third and final trimester, our students have the opportunity to regroup, refocus, and renew their commitment to the work they are called to do.

The question I often ask a student is this: “Are you giving one hundred percent to your learning?” The temptation sometimes is to become distracted. Our students are well rounded. They are interested in many things. Their school day begins by 8:00 a.m., but even after the final bell in the afternoon, there is much activity to follow. Often homework is not begun until well past a late dinner hour. Balance between academic work and extracurricular activities is what we are about. During the school day, however, the challenge is to stay in the game, focused on classes, committed to being the best student one can be. As we begin again, a fresh start awaits everyone, from youngest to oldest. When trimester reports arrive at home later this week, a perfect opportunity is offered to review with students how they have done so far and then take time to set new goals to finish the year strong. Parents and faculty partnering together with students can be a winning combination. Let’s all work together to finish the game strong, sliding into home plate, saying, “Boy, was that a great year!” And so we’re off…racing toward our goals.

Margaret Moore

Head of School