April 5

Typically, when we talk about the value Stewardship, we focus on our responsibility to care for Mother Earth and her resources that we attempt to use wisely. The celebration of Earth Day later this month raises our understanding and appreciation for the environment and our natural resources that are necessary to sustain our planet. As we introduced this value in chapel this week, we considered not only the care of the earth resources but also the consideration of the care for each other. What better place to carry that out than at our school, where the major business and interest is around the people who make up our community and the children we serve. When we care for each other, we are caring for God’s creation. After all, God created us to be the chief stewards of the earth.

As only children can do, our students immediately embraced the care for one another as an important responsibility. Our students do a terrific job of keeping our campus clean. We try to conserve water and recycle paper and plastics. St. Michael’s has received recognition for being a “green” school and the students take great pride in that. What we also cultivate, however, is kindness and care for each other. Sometimes that’s not so easy. Sometimes we say or do things that cause hurt feelings or sadness.

So I asked the question, ” What do we do when our feelings are not feeling well?” The first answer came quickly from a young student. “I just sit with my friend and listen to how their feelings became hurt. Maybe I’ll give them a hug” Others added, “I ask them to come play.” “I try to make them laugh.” “I let them know that they are my friend and I care.” And that’s what friends do. Friends care. Friends listen. Friend sit with one another. Friends give a hug. We give the support that’s needed to help heal the feelings when a person’s feelings are not feeling well.

Caring for our earth and caring for each other are both forms of stewardship. One keeps our campus beautiful and the other builds community, showing that each person matters. Each person, adult or child, has value. Together each person brings talent, treasures, and richness to the community we call St. Michael’s School. Together we are stewards of this corner of the world we call our school. And often, it’s the children who lead us. That’s just as it should be, don’t you think?

Margaret Moore

Head of School