April 26

We have reached the time of the year when it feels that everything has shifted into high gear. As we return from our Easter break, suddenly the end of the year is in plain view. There is so much left to do and so little time remaining. The temptation for some is simply to sit back and coast to the end. My encouragement to all of us, however, is a bit different. Let’s revisit the dependable baseball / softball analogy as a way to plan for a sweeping conclusion.

For most baseball or softball players, getting a good solid hit is always one of the main objectives when at bat. The other important objective is to round the bases for a score. There are several ways to score a run, but probably one of the least inspiring is to score on a walk from third base. It’s certainly much more thrilling to race or slide into home base to score a run. There is a greater sense of accomplishment in that way, and there are many more “high fives” coming into the dugout.

So here’s my encouragement for our young charges here at school as the final weeks of the school year loom ahead. Let’s finish strong. Let’s give it our very best until the end. As cheerleaders and coaches on the sidelines, we can be ready to give high fives as they slide into home base. And what better way to end the year than coming to the last day feeling, “Wow, that was a terrific year!” Certainly for all of us, there are some days that are better than others. In the dark days of January, it may feel that the end of the year won’t come soon enough. As I look at our students now, however, I can see how much they have grown, not only from the victories but also from the challenges they have faced. I am so proud of each and every one. They are rising to the occasion and are ready and prepared to move ahead. Their accomplishments have come through hard work and the amazing support and instruction that come from our teachers and parents.

So I invite our students to step up to the plate. Take a glance at the coaches and cheerleaders that surround the field. Focus on the end goals and make solid choices with every swing. There will be much to celebrate at the end of the day, and I will be the first in line to give each a “high five” and a hug as they cross home base. Batters up!!! Let’s hit it out of the park.

Margaret Moore

Head of School