Uniform Sale/Exchange

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Date: Saturday, August 25
When: 9:00 – 11:00am
Where: Tankersley Hall – New Multi-Purpose Room
Price: Plaid, Logo Items & Jackets = $4     All Others = $2
(Note to Kinder and 1st Grade Families: We have lots of small sizes!)

Our next Uniform Sale/Exchange is Saturday, August 25, from 9:00 – 11:00am in the new Multi-Purpose Room. Gently used clothes will be accepted for even exchange, and items will be available for purchase for $2 and $4. Now is a great time to recycle those outgrown uniforms and shop for the new school year. See you there!

What is the uniform exchange?
Recycled uniform clothing in good condition may be purchased using either cash or exchanging your uniforms for tickets.
What is available at the exchange?
Clothing that is in good shape and on the approved uniform list. Polos, shorts, jumpers, pants, skirts, skorts, jackets, logo polos, sweatshirts, PE uniforms and band polos.
How much do items cost?
Jackets, PE uniforms, Logo items, and plaid jumpers are $4 or two tickets; everything else is $2 or one ticket.
What do I do if I have items to exchange?
Bring them with you to the exchange, and turn them in at the check-in table. We can only use clean, good quality uniform clothing. Please double check your items for stains or holes before you bring them in.

What if I don’t have items to exchange?
You don’t need to exchange in order to shop. We have a large inventory of multiple sizes that are high quality (and sometimes new!). You may pay with cash or check.