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Your donation will pay for the handheld radios given to every faculty and staff member on campus. These radios will also be tied to a loudspeaker system to provide a broadcast message school-wide in the case of an emergency.


Rather than reduce the funding allocated to facilities for the school year, we are seeking donations from St. Michael’s parents and alumni in hopes of raising donations to pay for this one-time security expense. If this need speaks to you and you are able to donate toward the cause, we would be ever so grateful. We will be recognizing these donors in the New Year, at our spring Gratitude Reception and in the annual report. Please note that donations toward this cause are 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law. Donations made before December 31, 2022 can be included in your 2022 taxes.

Peace of mind – what a wonderful gift for our faculty, staff and students at St. Michael’s. Thank you and happy holidays!