January 25

Last Saturday, we had an Open House for prospective families to visit our campus and learn about our school. Parents were present to give tours, and several of our Lower School teachers were there as well to share information about curriculum and programs. The most special part, however, was our STEM activity table, which was “staffed” by sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who are members of our STEM Club. As our prospective students inched their way over, our students welcomed them in, getting down on eye-level to invite them to join in the fun. They inspired and demonstrated creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking for our visiting young friends. It was a joy to see the poise in our students as they shared their enthusiasm for STEM. These were our ambassadors for the morning, and it was a proud moment for our school.

Our families were given the opportunity last fall to participate in a survey about St. Michael’s. One question explored the reasons families have chosen St. Michael’s for their children. The two key reasons that came up repeatedly were the instillation of a love of learning and the preparation we offer for high school. It’s the beginning of the story and the end of the story. We bring children into our “nest” in Kindergarten. We nurture them, inspire them, encourage them, and instill in them that love for a lifetime of learning. As they continue through our K-8 program, they are prepared for high school and beyond, not only through academic studies but also through exploration of the arts, physical education, leadership, character formation, and spiritual exploration.

At St. Michael’s, our students are discovering themselves while discovering their world. We work to have balance between challenging young minds and inspiring hearts. We instill kindness and cultivate perseverance. We answer many questions while leaving the door open for questioning answers. When I watched our middle school students interact and guide our potential young Kindergarten or first grade friends, they displayed, through their actions and relationships, that they love what they do and are dreaming big about the opportunities that are ahead. It was a perfect example of the balance we have at St. Michael’s and just one more reason why St. Michael’s is THE place to be. All I could say was “WOW!” Invite someone to come and see.

Margaret Moore

Head of School