December 13

Among our teachers’ many talents, one that stands out is that of being master gardeners. Teachers have the amazing ability to get their hands dirty, planting seeds; nurturing young, tender plants; and giving them just the right amount of water, nourishment, encouragement, proper lighting, and a healthy dose of love. Just step on our campus for a visit, and you will see a beautiful botanical garden that is richly diverse and colorful, and of varying sizes and rates of growth and development. Some grow well on their own, displaying independence and self-motivation, while others need a bit more TLC and individual attention in order to reach their peak. Our teachers are able to cultivate some beautiful creations that grow to delight all who have the blessing to witness the beauty right before their eyes.

“What type of plants are being planted?” you might ask. Well, our teachers are master gardeners of children! With a great deal of faith, love, and hope, our teachers are planting seeds of new knowledge, nurturing those seeds, feeding them, and encouraging their growth on a daily basis. The children entrusted to our care come to us with a natural curiosity about their world. As their understanding grows, so does their desire for more seeds to be planted. Our teachers are also igniting the fire within our young charges, which serves as fertilizer for their growing minds and expanding spirits. At the end of each school year, we transplant our growing “plants” into a new fertile bed, perhaps a new courtyard, and introduce them to yet more opportunities to grow new shoots and blossom. By the time they reach the end of their time in our flourishing gardens, we send forth beautiful creations that have grown under the watchful eye, nurturing care, and strong encouragement of teachers and parents working together to bring out their best.

The seeds planted by our master teacher-gardeners grow deep roots and strong shoots and are ready to carry their beauty into the world beyond our adobe walls. They are strong in mind, body, and spirit, and they make their world a better place. Through faith, hope, patience and love, our master gardeners accomplish great things, and the seeds that they plant come together in young people who go on to change the world. What a blessing it is for those of us who are witnesses to the beauty of God’s creation right before our eyes in the classrooms of St. Michael’s. What a privilege to plant seeds every day and watch them grow!

Margaret Moore

Head of School