October 5

When I first arrived at St. Michael’s, one of the first things that impressed me, outside of our amazing students and fantastic teachers, was the commitment of parents to lend a helping hand for the many special events throughout the school year. Parent and grandparent volunteers seemed to be everywhere. From the beginning of the school year to the end, our campus is a busy place. Cultural events, musical performances, parent gatherings, art shows, and student showcases all contribute to the magical experience of St. Michael’s but require many hands to make each a success. In addition, particularly in our younger grades, parent-volunteers assist with learning stations, carpools for field trips, and the extremely important monitoring and supervision of our lunchtime recesses in the park. Truly it does take a village to keep the train on track, and we are grateful every day for the many parents and grandparents who lend a hand and commit time and talent when they can.

As we look at the school calendar, with important events on the horizon for the fall and spring, we would love to have some additional assistance. Borrowing from the popular expression, “Give me five!”–a common celebratory gesture or sign of joy–could YOU “give me five?” Consider volunteering for one of our key events this year. It could be Grandparents Day, the Vaqueros’ Golf Tournament, our Spring Gala Event, Love of Reading Week, or our year-end Art Expo. The success of these key events is dependent on the many hands that can make each event special. The bonus is the fun had by all in the process. Or maybe there is an hour a week that could be committed to serving as a playground monitor during our children’s lunchtime recess. Many parents have met their new best friend on the playground and, in the meantime, have gotten to know the students as well.

Soon a new feature to our website will be a monthly listing of upcoming volunteer opportunities around campus. I, for one, understand the value we all place on time, which often seems to be in short supply. I do know, however, that our volunteers are a valuable asset to our wonderful school, and I am grateful every day for the difference our volunteers make at St. Michael’s. So, can you “give me five”? It’s time well spent, all on behalf of our kids. At the end of the day, you DO make a difference, for the school and for the kids.

Margaret Moore

Head of School