January 27

Lights…camera…action! We are counting down the days until the curtain rises for the annual St. Michael’s musical. This year, our students will present Mary Poppins to what we hope will be a packed house on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Since September, our students and staff directors have worked tirelessly, well almost tirelessly, on a production that will surely bring the house down. Dr. Antista and Mrs. Faltico have done their magic once again to bring out the superb talent of our third through eighth grade thespians. Our teachers have given their support through encouragement and adjustments to work as rehearsals have increased and bedtimes have gotten later. Parents have braved the near-freezing morning temperatures to sell tickets before school as well as to paint sets, feed cast members, and provide moral support for their children. It takes a village. When the lights finally go up on the stage production on Friday night, and the standing ovation occurs, there will be instant affirmation that all of the hard work has paid off. Our hats go off to every single person who has helped in any way to bring the spotlight to our students and our school. We are grateful.

As we think of the many ways that our students can grow at St. Michael’s, this is just one example of the self-discovery of gifts and talents that takes place. Our academic program challenges our students, but there are also many ways that they can explore other areas, including fine arts, sports, after-school classes, elective classes in the middle school, and written expression and art in our award-winning literary magazine, Eagle’s Quill, just to name a few. It’s all about balance. Having the opportunity to try different things allows for growth, creative expression, and collaboration with teachers and peers. There is joy that comes from discovering a new passion. St. Michael’s students do work hard, and the days are full of school work and extracurricular activities that compete for limited hours during the day. How lucky they are, however, that there are teachers, parents, friends, and relations surrounding them, giving support, encouragement, and affirmation. It’s an important part of who we are as a school and just one of the many values in a St. Michael’s education. So hats off to our stage stars this weekend and to the invisible, supporting cast. This weekend you are our shining stars, and we are proud of how you bring music and song to our school. As they say before the show begins…”Break a leg!”

Margaret Moore

Head of School