April 20

At my previous school, I had a parent who was passionate about our school and the fabulous experience her two girls were having. From the small classes and the teachers who personally knew her children to the academics and character formation that were part of our daily chapel services. Whenever she would go to the grocery store, to the library, or shopping at the mall, she had her girls wear their school uniform or their SAES sweatshirt to advertise the school. People would stop and compliment her girls which was followed by questions about where they went to school. And she was off with her own personal story about why she loved the school. It was not surprising that applicants would arrive on our doorstep because they had spoken with Helen.

Word of mouth advertising is, without a doubt, the most effective way to tell the story of our school. Print ads just don’t do it. Although a picture is said to “say a thousand words”, personal stories about what a school has done for your child seal the deal. Ninety-nine percent of the families who are in the St. Michael’s community came as a result of a personal conversation, story, or encouragement from another parent who said, “Come and see!” Going back to the time that my own children began school, my husband and I, too, made our school selection based on the recommendation and stories of other parents who preceded us.

As our admissions season continues on this year, I invite you to be a significant part of our word of mouth advertising by sharing your personal stories with friends and neighbors or people who see your children in activities around Tucson and ask about your school choice. St. Michael’s is a unique school. We are the only K-8 Episcopal school in Tucson. Not only are our academics top notch but the additional benefits include character formation, extracurricular activities in sports and the fine arts. Hands on experiences, including fields trips locally and well beyond the borders of Arizona, provide those opportunities that solidify classroom teaching and learning as well as a life time of memories with classmates. What other school sends forth leaders and learners who have become comfortable with public speaking through an annual Declamation Day or stand comfortably in front of parents and students in performing on stage, even in Kindergarten? If St. Michael’s had been available to my own three children, it would have definitely been our school of choice.

So spread the good news. Share your stories with a friend or neighbor. Invite them to come for a tour or join you at Fine Arts Night or Art Expo. With the amazing tax credit program in Arizona, our school is increasingly affordable to families across Tucson. The invitation is open. Come and see.

Margaret Moore

Head of School