Why We’re Unique

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Balanced Approach to Learning and Play
Here at St. Michael’s we believe that play is profound to the development of young learners. “Play can enrich the imagination, provide opportunities for developing originality, and strengthen the individual’s ability to cope with problems and the unexpected” (Musthafa, 2001). Our Kindergarten program intentionally incorporates structured and unstructured play throughout the day to meet the emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of every student. Students generally engage in outdoor play three times a day.

Volunteer Opportunities
Parent volunteers play a key role in our success. They attend field trips, organize class parties, work with students in the classroom, and serve on special committees. We provide ample volunteer opportunities throughout the year and recognize how invaluable parent-teacher partnerships are.

Rockets with Raytheon
Every spring our students spend the day building rockets with engineers from Raytheon. They learn about weight, thrust, and aerodynamics while putting together the nose cone, charge, parachute, and fins. It’s an amazing experience that ends with each student launching his or her own rocket and taking it home at the end of the day!

Community Service
We take community service to heart! Every year our students hold a car wash to raise money and collect food for the Community Food Bank. Students learn how to give of themselves to help others in need.

Eighth Grade Buddies
Each Kindergarten class is paired with six or seven eighth grade students. Every Monday morning the eighth grade buddies read books with our Kindergarten students before walking with them to All-School Chapel. During chapel the eighth graders model respectful behavior and help our Kindergarten students with morning songs and prayers. It’s a wonderful way to build community within our school and make new friends!

Kindergarten Play
Our Kindergarten classes perform a play at the end of the year complete with scripts, costumes, songs, and sets. The plays are always based on a book previously read in class. It’s an exciting opportunity to perform for our parents and bring some of our favorite characters to life!