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March 28

Have you ever watched people waiting? Waiting for the train. Waiting for the plane to land. Waiting for the kids to arrive home. Waiting for Christmas to come. Waiting to grow up. Some people are calm, while others are pacing and fretting and worrying about delays. We all have had our ongoing experiences with patience as well as the opposite, impatience. When I polled our students in our Monday morning chapel about patience, it should not be surprising that when asked who had experienced impatience, practically the entire school raised (read more)

March 21

Last Saturday evening, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in fine style at the Savoy Opera House, the location for our annual Gala auction. A good time was had by all. In the process of having fun, we raised friends and funds for our school. Although the Gala is months in preparation, the final days find teachers, staff, and parent-volunteers coming together to transform the Savoy into a magical place. To see the number of moms, dads, friends, and families working together was indeed gratifying. Truly, we could not have done (read more)

March 14

It was an emotionally moving morning. At 10:00 a.m., our Middle School students and faculty gathered on the athletic field for seventeen minutes in a circle. Fourteen students and three faculty members formed an inner circle, and each read a short biography of a student or faculty member who lost his or her life one month ago in Parkland, Florida, due to gun violence. Many of the students targeted at that Florida high school were fourteen at the time. Lighted votive candles for each of the seventeen students and teachers (read more)

February 28

My heart has been heavy for the last two weeks. In the midst of a day that focused on hearts and love, tragic news greeted us in the late afternoon that yet one more school had been the center of violence at the hands of a troubled teen. I shed a few tears and said prayers on behalf of those whose grief will forever run deep. Surely, everyone felt the heartache of a school, a community, and our nation. So how should we respond in our school to such tragic (read more)

February 14

She came into the courtyard quietly. Her head was slightly down, and there was only the hint of a smile on her face. Clearly, there was some anxiety, some cautiousness about her, and some reluctance to breathe deeply and enjoy the moment. Then the music started. The steel drum band was in full swing, dancing and playing to the rhythms that flowed from the instruments. One by one, students got up and began to move to the music. Someone started a conga line, and another simply began to dance by (read more)