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Take the Tax Credit

Since 1999, the Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation has given more than $7.75 million in scholarships to students thanks to Arizona taxpayers who have contributed to our tax credit program. Those scholarships have allowed children from all backgrounds to have an Episcopal private school education. As an Episcopal school, we believe in educational excellence and we celebrate the diversity that our students bring. We serve God in all persons and therefore are intentional in being inclusive, welcoming students from all social, economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. In doing so, we respect the dignity of every person in our community and model that to our students.

Donations of tax credit dollars to the Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation, earmarked for St. Michael’s, enable us to open our doors to qualified students, regardless of their ability to pay. Every tax credit dollar directed to St. Michael’s is used for financial assistance for qualified students.

Thank you for supporting Episcopal schools in Arizona and especially St. Michael’s. You are an essential piece in helping us to achieve the mission of our school to foster the intellectual, physical, artistic, ethical and spiritual development of a diverse student body.

Take the Tax Credit

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