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Current: $975,000    Goal: $1,200,000

Charting Our Course for the Future…A 21st-Century Plan

The goals of this capital campaign are to support important physical improvements to the campus, give a boost to STEM teaching capabilities as well as enhancing student engagement and learning, and increase the school’s endowment. Learn more by reviewing the Capital Campaign Brochure and Video.

Dear St. Michael’s Community,

Those who lead must always look to the future.

Since 1958, St. Michael’s School has been a leader in Tucson’s K-8 education arena. Many members of the school community, past and present, have helped to maintain St. Michael’s position in the community through support of school fundraising activities and events.

Maintaining this educational leadership position is paramount to the future of the school. In October 2014, the Board of Trustees and Administration, in planning for the long-term future for our Episcopal school, reviewed St. Michael’s strategic plan, determined curriculum enhancements needed, and evaluated facilities and our long-term financial sustainability.

With results in hand from our internal planning as well as a professionally conducted feasibility study, the decision was made to launch a capital campaign to support our future course. The campaign will support important physical improvements to the campus, give a boost to STEM teaching capabilities, and increase the school’s endowment.

Board members, administrative staff, and other members of the community have already made leadership gifts and pledges approaching $600,000. The goal is to raise in excess of $1,000,000. Our community is working to not only reach but exceed that goal with enough cash gifts in hand to break ground on facility improvements this summer.

The campaign booklet and video tell more about the campaign and the benefits it will provide for our students. This campaign gives you an opportunity to be part of an important historic milestone. We encourage you to read the booklet, watch the short video, discuss the program in your household, and make as generous a pledge to the campaign as you are able to do. Gifts can be given in their entirety now, or scheduled over a two to three year period if that enables you to make a larger gift. Please contact us with questions about any of the information or about gift options.

We invite you to join us in this campaign, Charting Our Course for the Future, as an important investment in St. Michael’s School.

Noah Van Amburg, Capital Campaign Chair
Margaret Delk Moore, Head of School