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Our middle school math program prepares students thoroughly for success in high school algebra, while developing their proficiency in logical thinking and their passion for problem solving. Math is the one discipline at St. Michael’s in which students are placed in sections tailored to their aptitude and readiness, beginning in sixth grade.

Sixth Grade Math

The sixth grade curriculum builds competency in operations with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions; geometry; percent applications; exponents; signed integers; and simple linear equations.

Our 1-to-1 iPad program allows teachers to use many sources to meet the curriculum goals. These sources may include but are not limited to; on-line texts, Khan Academy,, and many math oriented apps that focus on various topics.  One of the three sections of math tackles an accelerated curriculum that provides greater depth and room for extension activities; the other two sections are grouped heterogeneously and emphasize core concepts. Students apply math skills through interdisciplinary, project-based projects, various mathematical activities, simple games, and investigations.

Seventh Grade Math

The seventh grade curriculum prepares students for pre-algebra or Algebra I in eighth grade. Students investigate simple linear equations; geometry; percent applications; statistics; and multi-step problem solving. The Pre-Algebra section in seventh grade begins to explore linear equations and other more advanced algebraic concepts.

Eighth Grade Math

The eighth grade math curriculum prepares students either for Algebra I, Algebra Honors, or Geometry in high school. Students examine signed integers, linear equations, coordinate planes, and complex fraction operations. The Honors section works with higher-order equations using the quadratic equation and equations involving radicals and rational numbers.  Many of these Honor students then go on to Geometry their freshman year.