English/Language Arts

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The English/Language Arts curriculum is in many ways the centerpiece of our academic program. The curriculum is designed to create students who can read, write, and speak articulately, thoughtfully, and confidently. Vibrant discussions of the content, vocabulary, and themes of novels and classic short stories build literal, inferential, and analytical comprehension skills. Novel studies in our middle school include:

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
To Kill a Mockingbird
House of the Scorpion
Animal Farm
Of Mice and Men
Romeo and Juliet
Their Eyes Were Watching God

Proficient, powerful writing flows from, and is inspired by, such rich literature. Our current writing curriculum features:

  • the acquisition of formal writing and grammar skills
  • traditional and contemporary poetry
  • an illustrated short story project in sixth grade and historical-fiction project in eighth grade
  • the completion of a fully annotated research paper in seventh grade

Our middle school students have earned numerous awards for their writing and are key contributors to our nationally recognized literary magazine, Eagle’s Quill.  Students are also encouraged and taught to speak publicly through oral presentations during class, assemblies, weekly Masses, and our annual Declamation Day poetry event.