Enrichment Classes

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Furthering our mission to educate the whole child, St. Michael’s provides excellent instruction in the arts, physical education, religion, and technology as a key component of our middle school curriculum.


Art instruction twice a week allows students to get their hands dirty, using a variety of media, from acrylic paints to modeling clay to natural materials. Middle schoolers also learn basic art theory, as work from celebrated artists introduce and illustrate each new genre.


Music instruction, also twice a week, addresses the elements of music, basic music theory and styles, and famous composers. Children apply these concepts using a variety of instruments as well as two-part vocal harmony and choral work.

Physical Education

Physical education classes meet twice a week, either in our state-of-the-art gymnasium facility or in the park adjacent to school. Our P.E. program provides instruction in game strategies and skills, as well as sportsmanship, health and hygiene. Middle school students also can participate in our superb after-school athletics program.


While our physical education curriculum focuses on building healthy bodies, our religion curriculum targets students’ hearts and minds. During weekly religion classes, children explore the Bible, beginning with the Old Testament in sixth grade, and then discuss how scriptural passages may frame moral issues in today’s society as well as individuals’ own relationship with God. Students also rehearse readings and prepare original skits and sermons to present during morning chapels.